Friday, 22 March 2013

A v San Marino 22.3.2013

So the World Cup campaign is back and this time a double header with San Marino away followed by Montenegro. Sport Options offered a 5 day trip taking in both games, so on Thursday evening we headed up towards Luton airport as had a 4am check in Friday morning for our flight to Rimini. Friday 22nd March We landed about 9am local time and were soon on a coach for the 20 minute drive to the Aqua hotel just yards from Rimini seafront. It turned out that the majority of England fans would be staying here, but some came in from Blogna, others via Bosnia or Croatia.

The view from our Hotel
Oh exciting lights on our corridor
Rimini Seafront
Look at this blue sky

After the horrible, miserable weather we had left behind in the UK (we left Luton as it had just started to snow), it was nice to be somewhere warm and sunny. It was weird seeing that big yellow thing in the sky, it had been a long time! Sport Options had provided coaches to San Marino but we opted to leave earlier so could look round the principality. We headed out for some brunch first before heading to the other coaches laid on to San Marino leaving every half hour. The Police provided a welcome background before we enbarked on the 45 minute drive.

One or two Police to wave us off

The coach journey started on the flat but we soon saw San Marino looming ahead, and then the coach started the steady climb up to the first the ground. We were then able to collect our match tickets before getting on another coach and the much steeper climb up to the top of San Marino.
Heading the right way - Phew!
The view looking back down towards the ground

Old Town San Marino
It's a long way down

The Match
Withdean ermm nope San Marino!

The game was so one sided it got rather boring as England knocked in 5 goals before half time and another 3 in the second half to see an 8-0 victory, the biggest win since we played Turkey back in 1986!

Saturday 23rd March
Unusually for an England trip a day off with no travel required. We decided to head to old town Rimini, so we decided to walk in via the seafront and then the harbour.
A tribute to famous Rimini resident Mr Fellinia, maker of many films and also has the airport named after him

After a great day out and believe it or not a 9.8m run in the morning with Fiona (well we are both doing the London Marathon on the 21st April)we treated ourselves to rather a lot of food. Sadly it was time to retire back to the hotel.

Sunday 24th March
So today the weather clouded over, but luckily today was the day that we flew from Rimini to Podgorica

Part two of the blog trip can be found here.

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