Saturday, 31 May 1997

A v Poland (Katowice) 31.5.1997

A v Poland (U21 and main game)

We arrive in Berlin on our way to Poland

We head to the Sports Bar (in Berlin). It is a fantastic place with pictures from every world cup final.

On the overnight train to Katowice from Berlin

We have couchettes but decide to have a beer or two instead of sleep

......the train has quite a few England on board and everyone converges on the buffet carriage..................

We arrive into Poland in the early hours of the morning

The view from our Hotel, plus Justin and Greg fly the flag!

We venture (risk is perhaps a better word) to the U21 match..............

and then its on to a bar for some liquid refreshments!

..........its definitely safety in numbers for this game, so there are quite a few of us in the Hotel bar................

Fun and game getting to the away end - just why our mate is doing the riverdance we will never know!

We couldnt get as much as 1p coin into the ground, just how did the Polish fans hide the flares!!!!

a few pictures once we had actually managed to get in the ground despite being ambushed and then beaten by the nice locals and then the local riot police

We celebrate in the bar after surviving the game and the jog back to the hotel with many batton wealding Polish Riot police. We took a bit of a battering before the game after the infamous Paul Dodds mob decided to throw bottles at the Riot Police!!! Thanks a million

The biggest celebration of the evening, we have made it back to the hotel!!!!!!!!!

But in the morning everyone has the war wounds of the day before! OUCH!!!!!

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