Sunday, 1 September 1996

A v Moldova 1.9.1996

Another fantastic away trip with England. We booked up with David Dryer travel and as no direct flights from the UK to Moldova we had to go via Romania

This is the Syndeny bar in Bucharest.

We transferred to a different airport and flew on to Moldova. This was our first sight at a country very different to back home

This was the view of Kishinev froom our hotel room. To be honest we had no idea what to expect in Moldova, but we were to find the locals very friendly and the beer very mmmm interesting.....

After checking in and seeing the rooms a beer was need quickly! The local restaurant was a fast food place with was a rip off of McDonalds but signified by an unside down sign = W, it was all a direct copy of the places back in the UK (well apart from the M and W of course, but it was the same colours, decour and the same rubbish food!!!)

We venture to the U21s played at the same ground as the main game

plenty of space to put up the flags, well we nearly had the ground to ourselves

a very large scoreboard for a very small crowd...........

A few more people turn up for the main match!!

time for a few beers back at the hotel bar after the game........

...............................and we try and work out the local language. Middlesbrough Mick claimed he found an underground city and told us many tales at one of the local bars. The chairs and tables were very cheap plastic garden things and suddenly the legs on Micks chair decided to buckle and he ends up on the ground! We are all in stitches and as we chuckle away the legs on Petes chair go next!!! At that point we head back to the safety of the sturdy hotel chairs and tables!

<---------What a fine figure of a man

I felt how I looked after a few days of the local brews------->

It was a struggle getting up the next morning. Outside our hotel was a large flight of stairs, despite our warnings Peter took a tumble down them on the way back home on the first night. On the way back after the game he managed to do it again! The man is a legend!!

Once agian we return via Romania so pay a visit againt to the Sydney bar. We have time for another beer or two before venturing home

David Beckham made his international debut in this game.

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