Wednesday, 11 October 1995

A v Norway 11.10.1995

A v Norway (U21 match in Stavagner, Main game Oslo)

For the friendly in Norway we decided to also take in the U21 match down in Stavanger. We stopped on entry into Norway and held for about an hour before being let in our way. A couple of other lads we had been talking to never appeared again. We had a mega rush to get our overnight train down to Stavanger.

The train was packed as it was full of squaddies heading back to barracks. The only seats were in a smoking compartment and it was dire, we couldnt see each other through the smoke!

We arrive into Stavanger, a small but beautiful town on the coast. The train journey had been across the middle of Norway, shame it was overnight as I imagine the views would have been spectacular.

We make ourselves comfortable in the bar.................

The locals bought us loads of free beer. Quite a few ex Pats about working in the oil industry

We have probably had a couple of beers by now

Just a handful of England fans make the U21 match - we gain the attention of the locals!! We met up with our Stockport mates.

We manage to get a couchette on the return trip to Oslo, Vodka and orange helps you to sleep - honest!! It was so much better than the trip down to Stavanger!

We arrived into Oslo on the morning of the day of the game.

A cold night and the friendly finishes 0-0!! This was the first of many dissapointing trips to Scandinavia from a football pount of view!!

We break up our trip by getting a train to Sweden for a couple of days - it was much cheaper than Norway!! We caught an overnight train to reduce the numbers of nights needed in a hotel. We got a train pass that had given us unlimited travel in Norway and Sweden.

and end up in an Irish bar in Stockholm. Now theres a surprise!!!
Once again I think we spent way way too long in the bar. I appear to be trying to sing whilst on one knee!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 February 1995

A v Republic of Ireland 15.2.1995 (abandoned game)

A nice trip to Lansdowne road. We started by getting the ferry from Hollyhead to Dublin after meeting some mates in Coventry on the way up.

Everything starts of as per normal

Still no hint of what was to come as the teams line up for the anthems

Mmmmm Ireland go 1 up and the trouble starts!

Sitting in the ground waiting to be let out and back onto the streets of Dublin - but would everything be closed??

Our hotel bar is still open, infact everything was open despite the trouble!!

We go back to the hotel bar and have a drink or two. I vaguely remember getting stuck in the lift part way through the evening!!