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Below is a picture of me and my two sisters with Albion legend Peter Ward from around 1976/7

Friday, 23 March 2018

A v Holland (Amsterdam) 23.3.2018

Thursday 22nd March

We left Gatwick at 18.35 for our EasyJet flight to Amsterdam.  There were a few obnoxious drunk England fans on our flight.  One group were very mouthy, drinking their own alcohol and generally behaving like complete morons, shouting out and swearing at people.  One of them nicked some beer from the trolley.  Another passenger complained to the crew, it was all a bit sad really.  As the plane touched down one of these clowns was up out of his seat, bag out the overhead compartment and was walking down the plane as we taxied in.  He was swaggering and acting like jack the lad,  the crew made him sit in an empty seat and his 2 other mates started threatening the guy who reported him pinching the beer.  Once we got to our gate we were made to stay seated, we knew what was coming.  The twat at the front was still pratting about but as the doors finally opened and two very large Policeman boarded the plane he suddenly stopped smirking.  He was led off the plane and his two associates also detained for threatening the passenger.  As we walked off the plane Mr Big was in floods of tears with the police pleading he was not a naughty boy.  What an embarrassment to England away fans you were mate.  As one Dutch guy said to us "I remember the state I was in when I drank my very first beer". Summed up the contempt nearly everyone else had on the plane for them. 

We soon caught a train out to our easyHotel near the ground.  The room was bigger and plusher than I had expected after hearing tales of mini rooms, no windows etc!

We ventured out as it was not that late and went to the Grolsch Cine Café opposite our hotel. 

Friday 23rd March 

Match Day

It was dark when we arrived and peering out the window we could actually see the ground, and a very dull car park.  Probably wouldn't make many tourist guides but a car park is a car park.

We ventured into the city and had soon collected our match tickets and then stopped for a well needed breakfast.  The place was packed but our coffee and omelettes soon arrived.  We then got the wrong bill as we appeared to be paying for everyone's food and drink, we then got a wrong revised bill, before finally paying the right price!

Next we headed to the Leidseplein for a beer or two.  It was a bit nippy but the Café De Waard had nice outdoor heaters.  We then headed back towards the central station and passed MY shop , my drawing and painting is coming along quite nicely. PS I have no idea why the font has changed colour and size and cant correct it!  

Dean, Ciaran, Lewis and Mark had arrived this morning and we all met up at the Beer Temple along with Man City Dave and eventually Coventry Sara.

Next up on the Deano pub crawl was the Café Gollem Raamsteeg, some fine local beer and a friendly dog.  He took a liking to Dean! It was a very small bar, but the beer choice was superb.  The toilets were down stairs designed to break your neck.

We all needed food so decided on the Bierfabriek next.  It was life in your hands as you had to avoid trams, bikes and people after a few beers. This place was superb.  You pour your own beer at the table and a menu of chicken or chicken or to be different chicken!  They also provided free monkey nuts and encouraged you to sweep the empty shells onto the floor.  A great bar with excellent beer and food.  

Dave, Sara, Kev, Fi and I headed for a beer by the ground, the others went to hopefully push some of the Dickhead England fans into the canals.  To be honest we had a great pub crawl but the idiots on this trip were TBH embarrassing, get a life you twats.  So pleased you wont be in Russia. We popped into the fanzone and then into the ground for about 8pm 

As the teams came out we were treated to a light show (sighhhhhh MFIS) but some cracking rave music.  It was all rather good, guess they had to do something to get the crowd going.  Quiet a few England embarrassingly booed the Dutch anthem, thought we had grown out of this. 

So a 1-0 win for England v a poor Holland team.  A first for me in this game as Davy Propper (or David Petrus Wenceslaus Henri Propper to give him his full name) came on after about 65 minutes to become the first current Albion player I have seen play against England. 

Saturday 24th March

The alarm clocks went off at 5am and we were soon out looking for a taxi to the airport.  we tried to call one via Uber but it kept getting further away so jumped into a taxi at the nearest rank.  We were soon at Schipol airport and through passport control and security checks for our 7.05am flight back to Gatwick.  A short but sweet treat.  The next away adventure will be Russia for the World Cup.

Mark R

Sunday, 8 October 2017

A v Lithuania 8.10.2017

 A v Lithuania via Latvia 

So after England never having been to Lithuania before 2015 it was time to go back.  Last time it had been freezing cold, this time the forecast was for cool weather and rain, loads of rain.  So Early Friday morning we headed of to Gatwick for our flight to Riga.

We head to our hotel and soon come across some strange local art exhibition.  This was to commemorate animals sent into space in the early days of space exporation. 

 Upgraded and well deserved!  Once we had checked in it was time to head out and about in old town Riga.  We avoided the big scary monkey and followed the river path. I love Riga, its small but well wortha visit, and plenty of good bars and restaurants as well.

 So Saturday morning and it was a leisurely start to the day, no rush as on the 11am coach from Riga to Vilnius.  We retraced our route from the night before back into the old town.  Got a little lost but we where soon at the coach station.

We arrived into Vilnius and once again headed to our hotel so we could drop off our bags.  The weather was dire, non stop heavy rain.  Unfortunately we had to spend a big chunk of the day on a bar/restaurant - these awat trips can be hard work!

So today was match day.  We soon met up with a few other mates and England away virgin Katie.  The weather was dire, wet , wet, wet so we had to shelter in the pub! Again! .  I was on antibiotics due to a tooth abscess.  I had been sensibly avoiding beer, however once Nigel and Bip turned up we soon discovered you could drink sensibly on the ones I was on!  About 30 minutes later the sensible part had gone out the window as I swiftly made up for los time.

I let Katie have my ticket and I went in the home end with a ticket we picked up for face value.  I found a dry spot pre kick off and bumped into Bannister from Rochdale.  The home end was probably about 1/4 England fans and 1/4 empty seats as the locals had very little interested in this meaningless game.  The benefit of being in the home end was proper beer was on sale unlike the alcohol free stuff in the England end. The ground is very similar to Withdean, ie you get very wet.....

I found Nigel sheltering up by the bar in the home end.  We wandered around to the other end and soon decided to try and blag our way into the dry.  We saw a tent where stewards kept popping in and out of.  We joined and left wearing our nice Orange jackets.  Before you could say "are you a real steward" we were standing in the press box behind the Daily Mail/Daily Telepgraph reserves spaces.  We made a note neither were about. 

We managed to blag our way into the room ready for the post match press conference.  We practised our questions for Gareth Southgate, sadly we never got to ask our insightful questions as we got asked to leave at the last minute - boooooo.

We decided not to book a hotel Sunday night as we had to be at the aiport at stupid o'clock.  Due to the mix of beer and antibiotics and more beer I dont really remember the taxi trip back to the Airport.  I do recall waking up at some point, stumbling around looking for the toilet and complaining to Kev and Fi when I got back to my sleeping space that Glasgow airport was shite!