Saturday, 22 December 2012

Accrington Stanley v Plymouth Argyle 22.12.2012

Blackburn v Brighton, errrm nope. The team that was in the Premiership last season could not get a game on, but Accrington who were non league til a few years and ago and just 11 miles away managed to do so!
So the Saturday before Christmas, a major track fire just outside Brighton and monsoon weather meant a day of adventure ahead.

It ended up

4am alarm goes off after getting to bed at midnight after our works Christmas bash. I had managed to stagger back to my Mums in Hove. I check my phone when I got up and saw the alarming words - WE NEED TO GET THE 5.07 FROM BRIGHTON! Eek

4.10am to 4.55am I jump out of bed, phone a taxi but a 45 minute wait, what the ****, so as still no trains running from Aldrington or Hove I put on my rain coat on and I start the long walk from Hove to Brighton station.

TRAIN 1 5.07am to 5.48am Brighton to Gatwick - a replacement shuttle train to get past the track side fire at Preston Park
TRAIN 2 6.00am Gatwick Express to London Victoria

Underground from Victoria to Euston

TRAIN 3 7.35am London Euston to Stockport
TRAIN 4 9.42am Stockport to Salford Crescent
TRAIN 5 10.xxam Salford Crescent to Blackburn

Adelphi pub in Blackburn and then hear at 12.15 the game is off - boo check local games and Accrington is still on despite 3 pitch inspections, great stuff

TRAIN 6 13.48 Blackburn to Accrington

Railway tavern and then Accrington Stanley v Plymouth Argyle (about 100+ Albion) see a 1-1 draw in front of 2,012 people

TRAIN 7 17.19 Accrington to Preston

Beer and food stop in Preston and watch Liverpool take Fulham apart
TRAIN 8 19.01 Preston to London Euston

Underground from Euston to Victoria

TRAIN 9 22.00 London Victoria to Gatwick
TRAIN 10 22.42 Gatwick to Three Bridges
Then a Taxi and home with well needed Kebab!
The OAF in front of the Plymouth team coach

The Railway pub in Accrington = 4 Plymouth, 2 Accrington and about 30 Brighton oh and about 87 TV Screens, never seen so many in a pub ever, in fact never seen so many in a TV shop!
We opted for the covered home end as it was raining!  Brighton split 50/50 home/away end in a crowd of 2,012

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