Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A v France (Paris) 13.6.2017

Phew a reassuring sign to see when you are parked up waiting for Le Tunnel!  After the weekend visit to Scotland we opted for just a very short trip to Paris for the friendly.  I left home about 6am and was soon parked up in Rusthall to meet Kev, Fiona and Rob.  We drove to Le Tunnel and before you could say ohhhh I cant see any fish we had hurtled underneath the Channel and arrived in France.  It was the couple of hours to drive to our out of city centre parking.

Je suis arrive!  Mmmm no I don't speak very good French.  Anyway we had arrived, parked up and we were soon in the bar near the station just a couple of stops outside of central Paris.  It was very warm and the cold beer was very welcome.

After collecting our match tickets and to be honest this time very little sightseeing we soon found Nelson (Ashford Steve) and settled down for some cheap beers.  We paid about half the price some had been paying earlier (ripped off at 13 Euros a small beer).  Somehow we moved onto cocktails, oh yes it was now happy hour!

So after a few beers (oh and a couple of cocktails, we decided to head for a few beers around the Stadium.  We soon met up with Dean, Mark, Scott, Ciaran and Lewes.  We were also soon joined by Kev, Fiona and Sara who had ventured to the Frog and Rostbif pub.

The pre match build up was excellent, I was slightly anxious after the recent terror attacks in both the UK and France.  Security had been high.  Nice to see boards saying United with the cities of Manchester and London.  The two teams came out to Don't look back in anger, it was amazing stuff, made you proud to be in the ground. It was not long ago that a terror attack had been launched at this very ground.  Only the brave actions of stewards prevented a massacre at the France v Germany Friendly. 

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