Sunday, 7 June 2015

Ireland v England

So after a bit of a heavy night in the beer tent at the West Hoathly country show, it was up nice and early for my Ryanair flight to Dublin. I met up with mates Scott and Dave and the first beer of the day was safely consumed!

So to break up the day and avoid spending ALL day in the pub we headed to Croak Park for a bit of Hurling. The first thing we found after picking up some free tickets from some friendly locals was yes the bar!

Not quite a full house today

Scott contemplates a Hassocks Fatboys Hurling team, Dave wonders how he ended up with these two idiots!

A potential future Mrs McCarthy.  Certainly no VISA issues anticipated

 So Rosscommon beat  Armagh to win the  Nicky Rackard Cup

The next game was Fermanagh v Sligo for the Lory Meagher Cup 

and then there was time for one final game, but we failed to make it to the end of this one!

So after seeing 2 1/2 games we decide enough is enough.  Dave sensibly heads back to his hotel, Scott and I head to the nearest pub, the Bridge Inn.  We soon moved on to a pub called the Sunset and to be honest it was not great!  Scott soon made a new friend, yes it was one of the chuckle brothers!

So Sunday morning and to be honest yes it was a struggle to get up!  I blame Scott 100%

Now they even serve ****ing coffee on a board, just serve it in a cup and put it on the table!

Fried Green Tomato breakfast - ordered because it contained egg and bacon

It was now time to head to the new Aviva stadium to witness something advertised as football but to be honest was a pile of shite, 90 minutes of my life that I will not get back!

An Action shot, yes the game was that bad this was a moment of excitement!

After a quick pint in the Schoolrooms, that turned into a slow 4 pints it was time to head back into central Dublin.  The beer consumption failed to slow at any point, I lost track of bars, beers, people!  who knows what happened!

Brighton on tour

Monday morning and I felt even worse than Sunday morning!  We headed back into central Dublin to get a full Irish breakfast, Scott soon arrived and the man amazing had a pint of Guinness!

Nice Building

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