Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ashes - England v Australia Oval 25.8.2013

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So its the Oval for day 5 of the 5th Ashes Test
Its changed a bit since my last visit
Not sure of the point of these when they end up on but the game is stopped for bad light!  YET they play day/night games under these stupid things called Floodlights!!
Despite the overnight rain the pitches looks good
The one stand that hasn't changed over the years - The Pavillion
The weather is still not great and you can only just make out the Shard

The Australians contemplate winning zero tests in a series for the first time since 1977!

Wish I could paint like that

11.30 and out come the teams

The Australians come out 115 ahead and need quick runs, hence a total change in batting order

And another goes as Australia try and push up the run rate

On come the floodlights

Bad light prevents the England win, but just a little reminder of the score over the series

The Ashes are ours again

Champagne party time

Ohhhh Ahhhhh pretty fireworks

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